Raise extra funds for your overseas hospital during COVID-19

Coronavirus knows no borders. It is a global crisis that requires a global response. Raise funds with DonorSee, and connect with 10,000+ donors from around the world that want to support your relief efforts.

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We help your hospital thrive

Are you a nurse or doctor working in a developing country during COVID-19? Our fundraising platform was designed to help you increase your impact, by sharing the incredible work you are doing with a global audience.


Do you need extra funds during COVID-19?

What We Can Do

Because of COVID-19, Dr. Trish was at-risk of not being able to support the children in her hospital. After reaching out to DonorSee, we helped her raise an additional $25,000 within her first two weeks.

Why Now?

We are prioritizing hospitals and clinics during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us ASAP and we'll help you meet your fundraising needs.

Create a profile that showcases the amazing, medical work you're doing every day.

Engage your network like never before

Get access to 10,000+ new donors.

Connect donors directly to those in need. Showcase your collective impact through video updates, and share stories of success with our global community! 

We want to magnify the impact of your international hospital to make sure no one is left untreated.

Free, personalized coaching to help you engage donors in the digital age.

Provide donors with patient-approved video updates on every donation to increase donor retention.

Completely free, no upfront costs, no hidden fees. Your success is our success.

How does DonorSee work?

DonorSee was founded by Gret Glyer in 2016 after he crowdfunded $100,000 to build a sustainable girl's school in rural Malawi. Ever since, his team has been helping medical staff raise funds all over the world!

"I've saved hundreds of babies' lives thanks to the DonorSee platform."

– Amy Hathaway, Tanzania


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